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No oppression is so heavy or lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority.

~ Joseph Addison

If you’re not aware that Iran is being ruled by oppressive, power-hungry, heartless Muslim extremists then you should start checking the news more often.

Not even a week through 2012 and Iran’s already coming up with ridiculous ideas. The government has ordered Internet cafe owners to check their customers’ ID cards before allowing them to use their services. Cyber cafe owners are also obliged to install CCTV cameras to record their customers’ faces. They’re also forced to note down the websites accessed by each user. Neat, eh? It gets better! They’re doing this to “provide security for the users of internet café services”. Protect them from what exactly? Cyber AIDS?

As if all this nonsense isn’t enough, Iran’s planning to launch what they call the National Internet, which is basically the Internet minus all the stuff they don’t want you to see, to replace the actual World Wide Web. Because you know, the normal Internet is too mainstream.

The Iranian government is doing whatever it can to entirely cut off the nation from the the rest of the world, even if it means banning the Internet.