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The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.

~Bertrand Russell

Fundamentalist Christian and radio show host Bryan Fischer, who has a Masters degree in Theology and a PhD in Stupidity, has made yet another bold (and utterly senseless) claim: HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, and it’s just an excuse for scientists to get research money.

His “evidence”? Magic Johnson being alive for 20 years after his HIV diagnosis. Sample size = 1. Hell of an evidence, professor. His guest, AIDS-denialist Peter Duesberg is no better either. At the end of the interview, he asserts that half of all AIDS patients are promiscuous gay men who have “hundreds, often thousands” of sexual experiences in a short time and “they can accomplish that, like our Olympians break records now in the Olympics, by taking tons of drugs”.

If only people took the time to read a couple of books to learn a thing or two about HIV. Hell, you don’t even need to buy an HIV-specific book; any microbiology book would do. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a section dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness with all the basic information necessary to learn about the disease. But of course Fischer knows everything, right?

If you didn’t already know, Fischer has made the headlines for all the wrong reasons: Jesus would whip Occupy Wall Street protesters; the Medal of Honor has become feminized because they are awarded for “preventing casualties, not inflicting them”; Christopher Hitchens is burning in Hell because sky-daddy loves him; and the government should regulate homosexuality like they regulate cigarettes. How’s that for Christian love?

I’d wonder why he even gets air time, but that’s obvious: because people tune in to listen to him. That frightens me.