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We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Fischer. He’s doing it again. You remember Bryan Fischer, right? The HIV Denier?

This time is about the Aurora shooting. Fischer claims the shooting happened because “we’ve forgotten God“.

Are you serious? People have died. Young and old have perished, and you have the audacity to exploit this to your benefit? Take a bloody moment and reflect. The bodies haven’t even gone cold, yet.

For your information, James Holmes is a good little Christian Boy, but no atheist in their right mind blamed the shooting on his religious affiliation. Even the few that attributed the shooting to his religious belief were criticized by other atheists, such as PZ Myers. What happened was a tragedy of epic proportions, and all you can do is blame the nation’s non-believers? Your God is so insecure that a minor population of atheists makes him allow such atrocities to take place? A gay man kissing his partner goodnight somehow caused Holmes to pick up an Assault Rifle and open fire on innocent kids?

Folks, it gets better…

Instead of promoting gun-control laws, you’re promoting more gun sales. Do you understand what happened? Holmes went into a gun store, showed his ID, and got an Assault Rifle. A military grade weapon. All they checked was his criminal record. No psych evaluation, no nothing. They just checked whether he had a clean criminal record or not, as if that matters. Guess what, 100% of criminals had no criminal record when they started.

Bryan Fischer, you’re an idiot.