O Life! thou art a galling load,

Along a rough, a weary road,

To wretches such as I

~ Robert Burns

So, I’ve hit rock bottom. I don’t have a job, I owe my university a few G’s, and recently I became homeless. Rock bottom.

Just when I thought shit couldn’t get any worse, life turns its ugly head around, points at me, and let’s out a big “PAHAHAHA!!” Yes, life isn’t quite done with me yet. What makes everything worse is the stuff people tell me. For the most part, they have good intentions. But clearly they don’t see things from my point of view.

1- You’ve hit rock bottom. The only way is up. Well, thanks. You honestly thought nobody had said this to me before? Seriously, thank you for trying to keep my hopes up. But come on, you can do better than this. This phrase has become a cliche; the lazy person’s way of making themselves feel better by thinking they’ve just revolutionized your entire world.

2- You should’ve done …… I.Hate.This.One. D’ya know what? Next time you manage to undo the past, send me a fucking email. I don’t need to be told what I should’ve done differently. You seem to be an expert, give me advice on how to deal with this shitstorm.

3- Are you OK? I’m a jobless 22-year-old with no roof over my head, in a country where its people deny me the chance to rent a flat because of my nationality. No, I most certainly am not OK.

4- I know how you feel. You go clubbing every weekend, bought a car straight from the showroom, live with your parents, and have high-tech gadgets. No, you most certainly don’t know how I feel.

5- God works in mysterious ways. This might be a blessing in disguise. Get.The fuck.Out.

Follow this guideline if, by some freak accident, one of your friends goes through something similar. Peace out.